Assured Performance Reaches Major Milestones: 3,000 Members and Climbing


Posted on 14th August 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

    Assured Performance Network, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and body shop cooperative (co-op), announced today that it has reached major milestones in growth with approximately 3,000 Qualified Members, and over 1,200 Member shops participating in the co-op buying group, making them the largest network of independently owned body shops in the world. Collectively, their network of shops perform nearly $10 Billion dollars in repairs with buying power of nearly $5 Billion. They now have at least one Qualified Collision Care location within 15 minutes of at least 95% of the entire U.S. population.

Founded in 2004, Assured Performance Network has shown phenomenal growth over the last year, adding roughly 50 new members per week; that is nearly 200 members per month, for over a year now. They have exploded from 350 Founding Members in the spring of 2006 to 3,000 Qualified Members today, well on their way to their ultimate goal of over 5,500 members by year’s end.

“Our momentum continues to grow as dozens of new shops apply each week and hundreds are qualified each month,” says Stacy Mitchum, Director of Network Development. “Our tipping point came as shop owners began to recognize the power and collective benefit that can be realized by thousands of the top shops working together through their own co-op!”

The unique aspect of their success is the fact that membership is not for sale. A shop cannot just pay to join. Each Member first had to be pre-qualified through a scrubbing process. Then, the shop must meet or exceed strict standards and performance indicators to become an officially “Qualified” Member.

The Qualifying standards are designed to identify those shops with operational and performance excellence, and the top independently owned collision business performers in each community. Assured Performance Network says it continues to reach milestones never previously achievable because of this innovative and unique business model.

“First and foremost, we only allow shops to participate that are best in class and become qualified. But then, instead of charging them fees, we financially reward them for their accomplishment and participation!” says Scott Biggs, founder and C.E.O. “We created two entities to make this work: a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that sets the standards and qualifies the shops, and a separate shop-owned cooperative (co-op) that allows leading vendors to provide financial rewards to those that can meet the standards!”

As Assured Performance Network reaches critical mass, they are able to launch programs never before possible because they can leverage the collective power of thousands of best-in-class shops that completely blanket the U.S. “Now that we have complete coverage of the entire country, we are beginning to move our focus to helping members transition to the next level of participation and take advantage of all of the various tools and benefits we offer,” added Mitchum.

Biggs hinted about their plans for the future, “There are almost endless opportunities to help improve the consumer experience as well as refine the buying selling relationships. Just imagine what we can all do with over 5,000 of the best shops with nearly $5 billion in buying power, all working towards better business practices, greater service offerings, more efficient buying as well as improved performance!”

Shops can apply or find out more by calling Assured Performance Network at (949) 221-0088, or by going online to their three main websites: www.AssuredPerformance.NET, www.CollisionCare.Org , and

About Assured Performance Network:

    The Network focuses on two main objectives: 1) Helping shops regain and retain ownership of the consumer, and 2) providing a means to reestablish greater shop profitability. The co-op offers marketing, advertising, PR and promotional services, organization software, education, and more.

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