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Highly competitive, expen-sive, inefficient, and filled with service glitches and redundancy – no, I am not talking about body shops. I am referring to the supply chain that distributes paint, materials, shop supplies, and more. to body shops throughout North America. Depending upon which jobber a shop might choose, the actual delivery and service can be inconsistent. There are wagon peddlers and single product salesmen lumped into the same bucket as businesses with warehouses, fleets of delivery trucks and an army of sales and support people. They are all referred to as Jobbers, specifically, Paint, Body, and Equipment (PBE) Jobbers. Several thousand SKU’s and a nearly endless combination of primers, base-coats and clears fill a pipeline that is in dire need of improvement. Until now, there was little a shop could do to select a qualified jobber who carries a certain type or brand of product other than by a trial and error and a painstakingly inefficient process!

Currently, most shops select their jobber and many of the products they are dependent upon for their profit and survival, based upon random visits from a salesperson. With a little luck, the salesperson is able to chisel away at the barrier surrounding the paint department, hoping to get a shot at the business some day. Even with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, rarely does the owner or top management of the shop immerse themselves into a careful and studied selection process of their paint product, service and distribution. The result is one of the most costly and inefficient distribution chains in any industry today!

If shops ran more like larger businesses, they would have purchasing agents. The skilled and knowledgeable buyer would source all of the best jobbers based upon an evaluation of their services, product lines, and delivery options. They would know comparative pricing and be able to weigh the benefits of service, training, and support. Through a deliberate process, shops would end up with jobbers, distributors, and manufacturing partners that deserve their business, offer the right products and services, and contribute significantly to their success!

Are All Jobbers the Same?

Just like body shops, there is little to no official distinction between jobbers and distributors of paint and materials in the collision repair industry. There has never been a rating or criteria, business evaluation process, or general guidelines for selecting a jobber to serve the body shop. In reality, there is huge difference between wagon peddlers and PBE Jobbers with training centers, field support staff, multiple service locations, and a fleet of delivery trucks, trained staff, and superior inventory management systems. But without guidelines and an easy way to identify and select those that meet your criteria, a shop’s choices are far too often left to chance!

No Effective Marketing!

For the most part, Jobbers haven’t had effective marketing and they have many obstacles preventing them from doing so. Those that do market certainly can’t use mass marketing such as TV or Radio since the number of shops in an area is limited. Some jobbers use the yellow pages, but the costs are high and impact is low. Even after the Internet revolution that is over a decade old, most jobbers still do not have a website! Fliers are circulated, yellow page ads are renewed, and sales people call on accounts, but all of them have limited success with an extraordinary high cost. Jobbers are left leveraging a few reasonable forms of marketing such as word of mouth, appearances at association meetings, and golf outings to get a slice of business. Regardless, by and large, a Jobber really doesn’t market much so they must sell and undersell like there is no tomorrow to gain and retain their market share. Unfortunately, both sides, buyer and seller, lose in this scenario.

A Better Way to Do Business!

Touted as the “Better Way” to do business, now PBE Jobbers can leverage an innovative and unique marketing and promotional program. Now, there is, a virtual marketplace that allows body shops to go online, type in their zip code and find a qualified PBE Jobber that serves their market. Body shops can also search by product line, brand, product category, type of service and more. Finally, the best in class PBE Jobbers have a means and mechanism to make a distinction between their sophisticated businesses and the fly-by-night wagon peddlers.

Since 2004, Assured Performance Network has been successfully identifying, qualifying and assembling the largest network of independently owned collision repair businesses in the world. They have nearly 5,000 best in class collision repair businesses as Members, and more and more each day elects to participate in their co-op buying program. Assured Performance Network leads the way in helping the best body shops in each community separate themselves from all of the other so-called body shops. Now, just as they have helped to make a distinction between body shops in the minds of consumers, they are introducing a program to make a distinction and more for PBE Jobbers across America.

The program is easy for all sides to use. In just minutes, a PBE Jobber can establish an online business profile complete with contact information, photos, and detailed descriptions of the services they provide. Jobbers also itemize the types and categories of products they offer and even add a video profile of their business. The Jobber can provide the potential buyer a virtual tour of their business, helping to gain more business and build confidence in those they currently work with. Just imagine the impact for a customer who can see the jobber’s facility, explore their product line, and learn about extra services without leaving their shop. This is the time when a Jobber needs to solidify their relationship, up-sell new products, and illustrate their business’s strength and ability to support the shop customer.

Jobbers also gain access to powerful marketing tools offered by Assured Performance Network. One of the most powerful and unique features is the ability to add specials, announce new products, post electronic fliers, and other electronic promotions. They can even have a video profile of their business produced and hosted to play online and tell their story.

Another unique aspect that has never been seen in this industry before is the ability for Jobbers to use the site to post, manage, and monitor shop purchases of specific product lines that can earn the shop rebates through the co-op. This powerful aspect helps to cement their relationship with the shop and gain credit for rewards offered by manufacturers such as 3M and select paint companies.

Finally after 100 years of operating according to an old business model that lacked all but the most basic forms of marketing, PBE Jobbers can use a state-of-the-art web tool to turbo-charge their business and build a far better bond with their body shop customers. For just pennies on the dollar, PBE Jobbers can take advantage of and become part of PBE Jobber Net.

There is a cost to participate, but it is surprisingly low because as a non-profit organization and co-op, Assured Performance has no profit incentive. They set the cost to participate at an incredibly low price allowing any serious Jobber to leverage this tool. The cost is only a faction of a simple and small yellow page ad and far less than sending out a flier or brochure around their market area.

The return on marketing dollars investment (ROI) for any Jobber considering participating is outstanding. It is easily justifiable either from a perspective of customer retention or if you are expanding and planning to grow your market share. To stretch the Jobber’s dollar further, Assured Performance helps to actively promote the PBE Jobber to all of their best in class qualified collision repair Members, and the body shop community at large. Early adopters will be part of a massive introduction and promotion to the entire industry later in the year. Forward thinking PBE Jobbers are joining at a phenomenal rate – hundreds each week – to leverage a new tool that can transform their success.

Combined Traffic & Market Pull-Through

Far beyond the solitary weakness of a single website, Jobbers participating in are able to benefit from the traffic created by shops coming to the web site for dozens of other reasons. Each day thousands come to the site to find a parts dealer, Enterprise Area Manager, or 3M Rep. They might be there to search for a specific product or service, or to search or post a Classified Ad. They may even come to the site to check on and redeem their Assured Performance Financial Reward Rebates. employs the best aspects of traditional marketing and promotion, and adds an interactive and on-demand aspect never before possible. Now, shops can find a Jobber when they need them, 24/7/365. And, instead of a passive web site or none at all, participating PBE Jobbers have a sophisticated-looking, but simple to maintain web presence at the end of a search engine! Jobbers are able to look their best, present their product and service offering, and promote what they have to sell – all through one service. It is interactive, on-demand, hi-tech, hi-touch, and user friendly! This powerful new program,, is easy to use, highly cost effective, and innovative, but it is not for everyone. The service is reserved for only those Jobbers that can “Qualify” and meet the requirements. Assured Performance Network screens PBE Jobbers with a series of questions to ensure there is a match, and the service is right for all concerned.

Now Jobbers have an effective means to market and promote themselves. Finally, there is a medium that can help to make a distinction between Jobbers and the products and services they provide. Finally, there is an efficient way for body shops to find whom they want and should be working with. And now, PBE Jobbers have a way to reach the best shops in their market. Could it get much better than that?

For more information call 949-221-0088, or go online to: www.PBEJobber.Net or

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