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Posted on 11th September 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: September 10, 2007, Irvine, CA – Assured Performance Network, now the largest network of independently owned body shops in the world, announced today that we will be releasing Collision Care Estimate Translator TM, to all Network Members as a special benefit! The official debut will be at the Marketing Summit, September 26 – 28 in Lake Tahoe. You are invited to attend….

Collision Care Estimate Translator TM

This powerful new tool goes far beyond the basic estimate-scrubbing tools even though it includes all of those features, too. This revolutionary product translates a traditional estimate filled with jargon into a consumer friendly version. The program is easy to use and provides your shop with a unique selling and marketing tool, and a competitive advantage with consumers. The exclusive product uses a proprietary process to translate the database estimating terms and line items body shops and insurers use into a clear explanation of the repair to be performed. The “Collision Care Estimate Translation” is as accurate as the original estimate, but written in lay terms that are supported by illustrations that help justify bottom line costs.


  • The program is designed to provide our Assured Performance Network members with an exclusive competitive advantage over all other shops and a unique position in the industry as the only real national network and the only network with this consumer friendly solution! Listed below are some of the benefits you will gain from the use of this new weapon:
  • It helps estimators sell more effectively and better educate your customers. It includes features that clarify the repair process and illustrate the various elements necessary to repair their vehicle including the parts and paint materials to be used.
  • Using the Translator, all of our Member shops will be able to comply with consumer protection full disclosure laws since any unassuming customer will better understand what is planned for their vehicle.
  • You now have a tool to enable any and all of your staff to provide clear explanations of the repair process by just following the word track and outline provided by the Translator! A CSR or receptionist can follow the dialog and effectively explain what will happen to the consumer’s vehicle – helping to close more deals!

Kevin Caldwell, Membership Relations for Assured Performance Network offers this thought, “As a former shop owner and estimator, I have first-hand knowledge of how urgent the need is for this tool. Good estimators have always had to bridge the gap and explain the lines of the estimate to the consumer. Now, all of our Member shops have a tool to help their entire staff do that with greater consistency, accuracy and credibility.


  • This new product is the only one of its kind.
  • Not only does it offer the translation for the consumer, but it also includes popular desk auditing and estimate review capabilities.
  • It can analyze your estimate and forecast your profit margins according to the blueprint you have provided and the historical information you enter upon setup. This aspect of the program reviews the estimate taking into consideration user defined house rules.
  • The review process also helps the shop ensure their estimate complies with labor rate and line item guidelines a shop may establish to be competitive in the local market place, or as part of any wholesale agreement they may have. This addresses consistency and accuracy, sometimes referred to as leakage.
  • Collision Care Estimate Translator TM interfaces with all major estimate formats.
  • The program is designed to be very easy to use and fast. It only takes a few minutes to install, and only seconds to import, check for accuracy, and output the translation!
  • Unlike other estimate scrubbers offered as a commercial product, the Collision Care Estimate Translator TM was developed as a special no-cost benefit for your shop since you have been qualified through the consumer advocacy organization, Assured Performance Collision Care (www.CollisionCare.Org).
  • This tool is an integral part of our overall effort to ensure all of you, our Member shops, are compliant with consumer protection laws, and that the consumers we refer through the locator and 800-service receive a VIP experience.
  • There is no out of pocket cost for Assured Performance Co-op Members. Other shops are able to purchase it for as much as $500 per month.

“The traditional estimate is really a negotiating and price control tool between insurers and repairers, and is otherwise confusing and misleading to consumers. For years, we have pointed out the need for an estimate that focuses on the consumer, but no one would respond.” Scott Biggs, CEO, and Founder of Assured Performance Network explained, “Now, thousands of qualified repair businesses can offer a better consumer experience, and by leveraging our co-op, none of our Members have to reach into their pocket to pay for it!”

PLEASE NOTE: We will demonstrate the Collision Care Estimate TranslatorTM and train attendees on how to integrate it into their shop marketing and sales during one of the sessions at our upcoming Marketing Summit, September 26 – 28, in Lake Tahoe.


The long-term strategy of Assured Performance has been to reach critical mass with our size and complete coverage of the US so we can deliver revolutionary solutions like this to the entire market almost instantly.

The introduction of this product illustrates the success of this tactic based upon the fact that thousands of best in class collision businesses will receive a product worth thousands of dollars as a retail product, but it will not cost you because of our co-op power!

By making this powerful tool a benefit instead of a retail product, we have no cost of selling or marketing, and we have spread the cost to develop and own the product over thousands of units instantly versus after years of sales efforts.


Assured Performance Network is the largest collision repair business network in the world with over 3,000 qualified, independently owned, collision repair businesses located in nearly every community across the US.

The network is made up of two complimentary organizations: a consumer advocacy organization that identifies, qualifies and promotes collision repair businesses, and a separate buying group co-op that provides financial rewards and other benefits to the qualifying shops.

For more information, please call:  (949) 221-0088.

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