Marketing Summit Gives Edge to Best In Class Body Shops


Posted on 11th October 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

Lake Tahoe, NV – October 10, 2007 – “It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I learned a ton!” said Matt Vanderwerf of Blue Collision body shop. Matt’s optimism is referring to the Assured Performance Marketing Summit held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the end of September. The Summit was the first of its kind and held by Assured Performance Network. The summit explored a unique approach to marketing and illustrated cutting-edge tools and marketing systems never before presented to the collision repair industry.

The program went far beyond traditional and old-school marketing by teaching attendees how to gain a competitive advantage using what they do best in ways never before possible. The group built real-world strategies to combat competitive threats. They drilled down on key issues like establishing a customer retention program, increasing shop sales, and executing totally innovative wholesale strategies to help overcome the market implosion and the effects of steering.

Assured Performance Introduces Estimate Translator


Posted on 11th September 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: September 10, 2007, Irvine, CA – Assured Performance Network, now the largest network of independently owned body shops in the world, announced today that we will be releasing Collision Care Estimate Translator TM, to all Network Members as a special benefit! The official debut will be at the Marketing Summit, September 26 – 28 in Lake Tahoe. You are invited to attend….

Collision Care Estimate Translator TM

This powerful new tool goes far beyond the basic estimate-scrubbing tools even though it includes all of those features, too. This revolutionary product translates a traditional estimate filled with jargon into a consumer friendly version. The program is easy to use and provides your shop with a unique selling and marketing tool, and a competitive advantage with consumers. The exclusive product uses a proprietary process to translate the database estimating terms and line items body shops and insurers use into a clear explanation of the repair to be performed. The “Collision Care Estimate Translation” is as accurate as the original estimate, but written in lay terms that are supported by illustrations that help justify bottom line costs.

Revolutionary Service Identifies and Promotes the Best Jobbers


Posted on 21st August 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

Highly competitive, expen-sive, inefficient, and filled with service glitches and redundancy – no, I am not talking about body shops. I am referring to the supply chain that distributes paint, materials, shop supplies, and more. to body shops throughout North America. Depending upon which jobber a shop might choose, the actual delivery and service can be inconsistent. There are wagon peddlers and single product salesmen lumped into the same bucket as businesses with warehouses, fleets of delivery trucks and an army of sales and support people. They are all referred to as Jobbers, specifically, Paint, Body, and Equipment (PBE) Jobbers. Several thousand SKU’s and a nearly endless combination of primers, base-coats and clears fill a pipeline that is in dire need of improvement. Until now, there was little a shop could do to select a qualified jobber who carries a certain type or brand of product other than by a trial and error and a painstakingly inefficient process!

Assured Performance Reaches Major Milestones: 3,000 Members and Climbing


Posted on 14th August 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

    Assured Performance Network, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and body shop cooperative (co-op), announced today that it has reached major milestones in growth with approximately 3,000 Qualified Members, and over 1,200 Member shops participating in the co-op buying group, making them the largest network of independently owned body shops in the world. Collectively, their network of shops perform nearly $10 Billion dollars in repairs with buying power of nearly $5 Billion. They now have at least one Qualified Collision Care location within 15 minutes of at least 95% of the entire U.S. population.

Marketing Summit September 2007


Posted on 14th August 2007 by scott.biggs in Press Releases

The conference is open to all Assured Performance Qualified or certified Collision Repair Businesses. This special educational event unveils the most useful marketing principles, tools, and techniques you can take home and use to transform your success! The topics of this marketing summit will cover retail marketing and sales approaches to
get vehicle owners to your door regardless of steering and how low the bottom-feeders go.

Assured Performance Network, the only organization that is truly dedicated to the well-being of the independently owned body shop and does not gouge them with excessive fees and dues, announced today that it is hosting the first Collision Industry Marketing Summit and Conference in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, September 26 – 28, 2007. The conference is open any independently owned shop that is smart enough to attend and not keep standing in the middle of the highway waiting for the damned bus to run them over!

Assured Performance Network to hold marketing summit in Tahoe


Posted on 13th August 2007 by scott.biggs in News

The Assured Performance Network, comprised of independently-owned collision businesses, will be hosting its first Collision industry Marketing C0nference in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, September 26-28. The conference is open to Assured Performance Co-op Members and qualified shops.